Turkey Employed Labor Force Indicator Rises In April

Turkey employed labor force indicator increased 0.3 percent in April on a month-on-month basis, a release from Turkish Statistical Institute revealed. The country’s labor force expanded 0.1 percent in the same period.

The release pointed out that jobless rate expanded 463,000 in April to hit 3.287 million in the same month on a year-on-year basis. That would mean a jobless rate of about 10.5 percent with an increase of 1.2 percentage point.

During the same period, non-agricultural jobless rate was 12.4 percent suggesting an increase of 1.4 percentage point. In respect of youth aged between 15 and 24 ages, the jobless claim rate was 19.8 percent with an increase of 3.8 percentage point. For the age group 15 – 64, the jobless claim increased 1.2 percentage points to 10.7 percent in April.

Turkey’s official release indicated the employment rate growth of 519,000 to 28.157 million persons in April from the previous year month. The employment rate remained unchanged at 47.2 percent.

Labor force witnessed an addition of 982,000 in April to reach 31.44 million and its participation rate translated into a realized rate of 52.7 percent.

The unregistered employment rate was realized at 33.9 percent driven by 0.4 percentage point expansion. As far as non-agricultural sector, the unregistered employment rate was 22.5 percent fueled by 0.6 percentage points increase.

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