Euro Area Trade Surplus Widens In November

Euro area trade surplus has widened to € 26.3 billion in November from € 23.8 billion in the previous year month, according to €stat’s first estimate. As far as the EU28 was concerned, the trade surplus was € 8.0 billion for the same period.

As far as the Euro area trade surplus is concerned, export of goods amounted to € 197.5 billion representing an increase of 7.7 percent in November from the previous year period. Similarly, imports grew 7.3 percent to € 171.2 billion.

Within the Euro area, trade advanced 6.9 percent to € 165.5 billion during the period under review.

In the same way, the EU28 recorded 6.8 percent expansion in export of goods to € 167.2 billion whereas imports advanced 5.4 percent to € 159.2 billion in November. Within the EU28, trade increased 6.9 percent to € 300.9 billion.

“In January to November 2017, Euro area exports of goods to the rest of the world rose to € 2009.7 bn (an increase of 7.5% compared with January-November 2016), and imports rose to € 1796.5 bn (an increase of 10.1% compared with January-November 2016). As a result the Euro area recorded a surplus of € 213.1 bn, compared with + € 237.7 bn in January-November 2016. Intra- Euro area trade rose to € 1696.1 bn in January-November 2017, up by 7.6% compared with January-November 2016,” the news release added.

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