Croatia Consumer Price Index Rises In November

Croatia consumer price index increased in November on a year-on-year term though it remained at the same level on the monthly terms, according to an official press statement.

Croatia consumer price index (CPI) expanded 1.4 percent in November from the previous year period. Similarly, the annual average increase was 1.1 percent.

As far as the monthly comparison of CPI, transport recorded the most increase of 0.9 percent due to fuel prices for personal transport vehicles. Similarly, clothing and footwear and communication prices expanded 0.6 percent on average. In the same way, recreation and culture prices added over 0.2 percent on average while housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels prices expanded 0.1 percent in each group.

On the other hand, the release pointed out, “The rise in consumer price indices in November 2017, as compared to October 2017, mitigated the prices of furniture, household equipment and household maintenance, which were on average lower by 0.5%, prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages and prices of restaurants and hotels, which are on average lower for each group by 0.4%, prices of Miscellaneous goods and services, which are on average lower by 0.2% and the prices of Alcoholic beverages and tobacco, which are on average lower by 0.1%.”

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