American Jobless Rate Remains At 4.1% in November

The United States total non-farm payroll added 228,000 jobs in November while the American jobless rate remained at 4.1 percent, a release of Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed.

Job opportunities continued to show improvements in professional and business services, manufacturing and health care. As far as the unemployed persons were concerned, it was essentially unchanged at 6.6 million.

Significantly, the American jobless rate, as well as, the jobless people’s number fell 0.5 percent and 799,000 respectively over the year. The jobless rate among the teenagers increased to 15.9 million in November while adult men’s jobless rate was 3.7 percent.

Similarly, the number of jobless persons for 27 weeks or more remained unchanged at 1.6 million in the same month. This represented 23.8 percent of the unemployed. However, the long-term jobless rate on a long-term was down by 275,000.

“The labor force participation rate remained at 62.7 percent in November and has shown no clear trend over the past 12 months. The employment-population ratio, at 60.1 percent, changed little in November and has shown little movement, on net, since early this year,” the release added.”

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